Menu Magic – Enhancing Your Tavern, One Drink at a Time

beer-barrel-keg-cask-oak (1)Nearly every adventuring party ends up in a tavern at some point of time or another. Sometimes, they’re a place of great importance for a plotline or a quest, and sometimes the party just wants to celebrate/commiserate over recent events. Either way – there are times when you’ll need to come up with a tavern on the fly, and while a name and NPCs can be easy enough, once they want to look at a menu, you might find yourself scrambling to determine a level of detail that you might not be prepared for. I personally have created a tavern menu in Barovia where the place ONLY sells stew (and if you want it to be fancy, they’ll throw on a sprig of parsley), because I was caught off guard. Taverns, while so essential to so many D&D campaigns, are often overlooked – especially their menus. We wanted to provide…

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